TQVault 2.31

Adds new functions such as item trading between characters in Titan Quest
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2.31.4 (See all)
Edit the inventory of your characters, move items between characters or place items into the vault, split potion stacks and create an unlimited number of vaults in Titan Quest.

Trade items between your characters or store the items offline in your private vault.
Main features:
- View the inventory of all your characters using in-game graphics
- Re-arrange the inventory of all your characters
- Move items from one character to another
- Move items from your character into a vault, freeing up valuable inventory space
- Create an unlimited number of vaults with any name you want. All vaults are stored in My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest\TQVaultData
- Combine potion stacks by dropping them onto each other
- Split potion stacks apart.
- Extract relics from items so you can use them in a different item, or use a different relic with your item
- Displays item names using the game language settings
- Makes backups of all files before modifying them. If you encounter any errors, you can find the backups in My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest\TQVaultData\Backup
- Package also includes TQVaultMon, a utility to prevent Titan Quest from detecting the inventory modifications.
- Works with both the regular game and the expansion!

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